29 February 2012

Roy Cheung (張耀揚): Press Archive 2011 - Part 2

Today's post is a collection of my favourite Hong Kong actor Roy Cheung (張耀揚)'s press clippings from the period August - December 2011. (In fact, they are only from October, November and December 2011.) 

As mentioned previously, Roy was believed to be filming his first screen comeback in three years, "Tong Que Tai (銅雀台)," in Beijing from September 2011.

  • 29 October 2011: Singing on stage at the 6th Basketball Strait Cup's Award Ceremony Dinner (第六屆海峽盃籃球賽頒獎禮晚宴) in Macau
  • 25 November 2011: Singing (again!) on stage at KaKa Bar (卡卡酒吧)'s First Anniversary in Yixing (宜興), Wuxi (無錫), Jiangsu Province (江蘇省), China
  • 26 November 2011: Guest Appearance at a Beauty Salon's 22nd Anniversary Event, with Christy Chung (鐘麗緹) in Shenyang (瀋陽), Liaoning Province (遼寧省), China
  • 27 November 2011: Guest Appearance at a UNICEF Charity Dinner (美麗童行2011主題慈善晚宴) in Beijing, China
  • 14 December 2011: Guest Appearance in Opening Ceremony of Dairy Queen Taipa Branch, Macau, with Jimmy Wong (黃家諾)

You can find more details of each event below.

  • 29 October 2011: Singing on stage at the 6th Basketball Strait Cup's Award Ceremony Dinner (第六屆海峽盃籃球賽頒獎禮晚宴) in Macau (Source: YouTube, Eastweek)

I have read Francis Ng (吳鎮宇)'s interview in which he revealed that during the nine-months filming period of "Exiled (放・逐)," the cast members including Francis, Anthony Wong (黃秋生), Lam Suet (林雪) and Roy frequented karaoke bars in Macau, but I have never dreamed that I would actually get to see a footage of Roy singing karaoke. Well, here it is!

On the YouTube link, you can see Roy singing Taiwanese singer Chang Chen-Yue (張震嶽)'s hit tune "愛我別走" (Literal Translation: Love Me, Don't Go). As of today, the footage has been viewed over 53,000 times. 

I think Roy's singing is pretty good. He has a powerful voice and can keep a long note. From the way he speaks, I hadn't imagine this...it was a pleasant surprise.

  • 25 November 2011: Singing (again!) on stage at KaKa Bar (卡卡酒吧)'s First Anniversary in Yixing (宜興), Wuxi (無錫), Jiangsu Province (江蘇省), China


This event was not covered by the press, but movie/photo reports have been posted online by the audience. This time, Roy sang three songs: Ekin Cheng (鄭伊健)'s "友情歲月," Jacky Cheung (張學友)'s "我應該" and, once again, Chang Chen-Yue (張震嶽)'s "愛我別走." Then he gave away signed photos to the audience. Maybe Roy is considering a side career as a singer?! One thing to note here is that he looks considerably slim in these footage/photos, especially compared with the ones from the year before (2010) and early 2011.

You can Google 张耀扬 卡卡酒吧 to see the actual footage on Chinese sites.

  • 26 November 2011: Guest Appearance at a Beauty Salon's 22nd Anniversary Event, with Christy Chung (鐘麗緹) in Shenyang (瀋陽)Liaoning Province (遼寧省), China

Only a day after his stint in Jiangsu Province (江蘇省), he was spotted appearing in a local beauty salon ("梦郎美容")'s anniversary event in Liaoning Province (遼寧省) with Canadian-born actress Christy Chung (鐘麗緹). There's a fair distance between these two provinces.

Photos of this event have been posted by the audience and the hairdressers who worked backstage. (More photos, together with the ones taken the day before at KaKa Bar in Yixing, can be found here.) It is not clear what he did on the catwalk, but judging from the photos above, he may have sung his favourite tunes again! 

Christy and Roy were together in the Wong Jing (王晶)-produced 2005 horror flick "Set Up (凶男寡女)." (In the film, Roy was trying to kill Christy, of course.) She looks younger and fresher than I remember, and Roy looks definitely slimmer and healthier than before.

  • 27 November 2011: Guest Appearance at a UNICEF Charity Dinner (美麗童行2011主題慈善晚宴) in Beijing, China (Source: ifeng.com)

Three cities in three days! On 27 November 2011, Roy attended a charity dinner co-hosted by The United Nation's Children Fund (UNICEF) in Beijing. Other guests included actors Huang Xiao-ming (黃曉明), Lin Chi-ling (林志玲) and Annie Wu (吳辰君), who is pictured with Roy above.

Roy's rare interview footage (in Mandarin, not subtitle) is available via the link. The interview's transcript is here. He said that he felt it was necessary for show biz people to support charity projects such as this one, and he appreciated the preciousness of others' support as he had people to help him when he was down with a spinal disc hernia recently. When asked about his plans for 2012, Roy mentioned a movie being prepared (most likely "Tong Que Tai (銅雀台)") and a possibility of a TV drama. He confessed that because of the language and cultural differences, working in mainland China requires a lot of effort on his part, but hoped to develop his career there. 

  • 14 December 2011: Guest Appearance in Opening Ceremony of Dairy Queen Taipa Branch, Macau, with Jimmy Wong (黃家諾) (Source: Macao Daily)

As mentioned in the last post, Roy was at the opening of Subway sandwich chain's Taipa Branch in Macau on 22 June 2011. Six months later, he returned to Taipa, this time to attend the opening of a Dairy Queen on the island. He brought along his long-time actor/model friend, Jimmy Wong, too. What's the deal with Roy and Taipa Island's fast food outlets? I am not sure, but it checked out that both Subway and Dairy Queen franchise stores in Macau are operated by the same company. 

My other question would be: How tall is the gentleman who is standing between Roy and Jimmy? (I believe both Roy and Jimmy are around 180cm/6 ft tall...)

Anyhow, to wrap up Roy's 2011, besides filming one movie in Beijing, he did a lot of off-screen works in mainland China and Macau. And from the summer 2011 onwards, he looked slimmer and healthier with a tan. I look forward to seeing him more on screen in the coming years.

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